Passive Sampling, Oil Sands Region

Verified and validated SPMD data are available on experimental research data to ascertain whether low concentrations of PACs can be more accurately detected using semi-permeable membrane devices than with water grab samples. Data are available from spring 2012 through winter 2014\/15 from sites in the Athabasca, Peace, and Slave rivers, and within the Peace Athabasca Delta. Data are provisional and subject to change pending peer-review of the methods used as this is a relatively new technology and standard methods are not available.

The calculated time-integrated dissolved concentrations generated from the SPMD samples are used to assess detection rates (percent of samples with concentration greater than the analytical level of quantification) for the same compounds measured in the water quality grab samples. To date, this assessment reveals that a greater percentage of samples have detectable levels of PACs in the SPMD samples compared to water quality grab samples from similar sites and time periods.



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