Species at Risk Migratory Landbirds, Oil Sands Region

Project: Status and Trend Monitoring of Listed, Rare and Difficult-to-Monitor Landbirds

The data set provides the first year of data in a long-term program to augment status and trend monitoring of old-forest songbirds, including those at risk, across the oil sands areas of Alberta. Old-forest songbirds are a priority for monitoring because they can be vulnerable to habitat disturbance, and their habitats are less common overall and difficult to restore once disturbed. Population trends for many common songbird species require 10 to 15 years of monitoring to detect and much longer for rarer species. This augmented program employs a stratified sampling design to improve monitoring of rarer songbirds of conservation concern. These data will also be used to validate models that predict bird population changes in response to oil sands activity and to further refine bird monitoring design.

This data set includes observations from surveys of boreal landbirds conducted in 2014 using point counts, a sampling technique where the observer stands at a point and records all birds seen and heard within a fixed range and time period. The data set includes records for 29 938 individuals representing 137 species from 2 490 sample points located among 123 survey areas.



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