Species at Risk, Rare and Difficult Species Monitoring, Oil Sands Region

These data are part of a long term monitoring program, initiated in 2014, to monitor the population status and trend of listed, rare, and difficult-to-monitor migratory landbirds in the Peace River, Athabasca, and Cold Lake Oil Sands Areas in northern Alberta. This program uses targeted sampling designs to address gaps in monitoring efforts for species that are not readily sampled by other programs.

The available dataset provides point count data from surveys targeting migratory landbirds associated with old forest habitats, including several species at risk, collected during May-July, 2014; the frequency of future sampling is under review. The dataset contains records for 29,938 individuals representing 137 bird species from 2,490 sample points located among 123 survey areas. The data include the location, timing, and environmental conditions (wind, temperature, etc.) of surveys.



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