Enhanced Deposition of Particulate Metals, Oil Sands Region

The air concentrations of particulate metals are reported for three sites; Mannix, Lower Camp, and Fort McKay South, Alberta, for the period of December 2010 to June 2012.

The annual average concentrations measured for manganese, arsenic and nickel are below the ambient air objective established by the Alberta Environment (200 ng∙m−3, 10 ng∙m−3 and 50 ng∙m−3, respectively). The 24-hour average concentrations of manganese at each of the three sites were also below the guideline established by Ontario (100 ng∙m−3)4 and Health Canada (50 ng∙m−3), except for one episodic observation.

The 24-hour average concentrations oftrace metals, including measurements during a forest fire episode in May 2011, are in the range of values reported across Canada under the National Air Pollution Surveillance (NAPS) program. The concentration of iron was found to be higher than NAPS urban sites. Iron is likely related to fugitive dust emissions.



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